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Stefano Memia

Born in Italy, Stefano Memia is an emerging techno producer that have released his music in labels like Children Of Tomorrow, R3volution Records, Diffuse Reality and many more..

Stefano have a large experience in the audio scene having worked on many documentaries and shorts movies as audio director.



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Erich Sertori - Co Founder

Erich Sertori attends the audio production course at the SAE academy in Milan, where he delves into all aspects relating to audio from record production to live recording. After completing his studies, he works as a live sound engineer and post-production engineer in a documentary production company, where he has the opportunity to delve deeper into all aspects of professional audio in the world of visual media. At the same time he carries out productions in the field of performance and musical art, both from the creative side and from the technical side.
The various experiences in different fields have allowed him to develop a critical ear for the most varied needs and a heterogeneous but in-depth taste.

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